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Hello there, My friends are all awesome dude! Hence my name is Ain. Going to be 15 this 2013. Was born on 22nd October. I'm proud of being Malaysian and don't you dare say something bad to my wonderful country. I'm a song lover and that's a fact Get to know me first before you judge me okay? Thanks for understanding me. I don't have Precious thing but i Do have precious PERSON in my life. Sometimes i'll be crazy, sometimes i'll be naughty, But i'll always be kind to someone who always put a sweet smile on my face. I hate to be judged by people, even YOU right? Make me as your friend okay? And last, do follow me and i'll hit you back :D

I always be happy because they are beside me

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“I cure my broken heart with my lovely smile”

Saturday, 9 November 2013 || 8:51 pm

Wow I haven't keep myself updated since May 5th. And I'm sure this thingy is fulled with dust and yeah it's creepy actually. Well hello there! 

By the way, my PMR is over for a month ago! I don't know what word could describe my feeling that shows I'm happy enough with this. I'm now waiting for my result to come out and I don't how it looks like.  Managed to face many things. The ups and downs of life! Troubled myself with the whole thing. Staying up late at night just to finish my piles of homework. And woke up in the middle of night to ensure all the thing that I need for school are ready. Missed my lunch hour. Missed my breakfast. The teacher was mad because we did't remember the text of bahasa arab. Have to stand on the chair after we stepped into the classroom and the headmistress passed by. We all got deadlocked. And the next day she came into the classroom and we got motivated by her. Painted the classroom. Making mess. Pushed the chairs over. Teasing people around. 

And still remember how I rushed down and went to the additional class after I got right back from school without taking my bath, without having my meals, how I got scolded by my mother because I'm late for my class. And thats probably the worst thing ever happened! But yeah it's a good thing. Memorizing the texts, the facts, the specific answers that I can use while answering the examinations. Memorizing the parts of the human's body, respiratory system, the part's of the flowers, the place where arang batu, simen, koalin, and what soever were conducted (for my geogrphy), the name of the Minister once ago before the independence, the name of the places that had been destroyed by. How my history's teacher called up my name. Awh I miss that time already. 

My 2013 will come to the end so soon. Three years we had been together. Fight each other. Laugh at each other. Being stupid together. Celebrate our birthday together. Hanging out together. Being silly. Get scolded together. Sacrificed our play time. Actually, we're not. I can't imagine what would happen next year if we get separated. How we are not talking to each other. Not being in the same flow. And I don't want that to be happened. I rather moved to another school than got placed in the different classes. This is the worst nightmare! Damn me, I did't remember that life must go on. No matter what. 

May your life be blessed. No matter what.