Laughter is the best medicine

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Hello there, My friends are all awesome dude! Hence my name is Ain. Going to be 15 this 2013. Was born on 22nd October. I'm proud of being Malaysian and don't you dare say something bad to my wonderful country. I'm a song lover and that's a fact Get to know me first before you judge me okay? Thanks for understanding me. I don't have Precious thing but i Do have precious PERSON in my life. Sometimes i'll be crazy, sometimes i'll be naughty, But i'll always be kind to someone who always put a sweet smile on my face. I hate to be judged by people, even YOU right? Make me as your friend okay? And last, do follow me and i'll hit you back :D

I always be happy because they are beside me

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“I cure my broken heart with my lovely smile”

Syifaa, thanks sbb kau pernah jadi "BEST"friend aku :') Thanks for everything
Thursday, 29 September 2011 || 4:53 pm

Syifaa, thanks sbb prnah jdi kwn baik aku ! Sorry klau aku skitkan hati kau or papejelah .. I think i don't mean it .Nk wat cmne , hakikat dy . Kau the best friend i've ever had :') Now , tomorrow and forever . Aku x kesah la kau angap aku niy musuh ketat kau . i have no problems . Even kau dh x rpt ngn aku , but still aku anggap kau mcm kwn aku . 
Pegi lah kau dngn kwn baik kau tuu . Buad aku tak prnah wujud dlm hdup kau :DD Time first duk sbelah aku , nasib baik la aku x halau kau . Dh lame, pandai plk kau nak mrh2 aku . Menyesal aku terima kau . I think relationship kite stop kat sini jelah . First2 niy mmg aku tak boleh nak thn. Tpi dh lame2, oke la tuhh . Aku rse kau x prnah nk hargai aku .  aku hargai kau mcm keluarga aku sndiri . Dh nak jadi. nak wat mcm mna lagi kan ! If kau happy , aku pon tumpang happy :DD Lps die duk sbelah kau , kau dh mcm nak taknak jea kwn ngan aku . Tak pe , aku tahu kau ramai kwn . Tak jdi masalah . And again , Thanks Sbb kau pernah jdi kwn baik aku . Kau lgi happy tade aku . 
Yang tu aku thu . Dh lame aku thu . Thanks for eveything you have done . Kenangan kau dan aku, suke dan duke , jdi pendamping hidup aku . Thanks for everything :DD I'll miss you a lot . Wish you all the best . Aku nak kau yang dulu !
-SyifaaAzhar, IMissYou-
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