Laughter is the best medicine

*Hey Lover
Hello there, My friends are all awesome dude! Hence my name is Ain. Going to be 15 this 2013. Was born on 22nd October. I'm proud of being Malaysian and don't you dare say something bad to my wonderful country. I'm a song lover and that's a fact Get to know me first before you judge me okay? Thanks for understanding me. I don't have Precious thing but i Do have precious PERSON in my life. Sometimes i'll be crazy, sometimes i'll be naughty, But i'll always be kind to someone who always put a sweet smile on my face. I hate to be judged by people, even YOU right? Make me as your friend okay? And last, do follow me and i'll hit you back :D

I always be happy because they are beside me

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“I cure my broken heart with my lovely smile”

My Sweetheart, byebye
Friday, 7 October 2011 || 11:45 pm

Life brings tears,smile and memories.
When the tears dried, smile fade and memories will last forever .
Fighting ? that's normal thing.
Every human will fight with each other , even me :)

Perlu ke kita bergaduh? Nannn **^%$#
Haha :)
Yes, life can change anytime ..
Even aku punn boleh berubah pada bila-2 masa je.
I can change the way i think .
I can change the way i talk..
I can change every thing i want if Allah wills it :DD
Ye, skarang ni aku mencari ketenangan .
Ma kata, mendekati diri dengannya .
Masalah kita selesai kat sini ..
Tak perlu untuk ungkit2 dan tak perlu nak berdendam..
Apapun yg berlaku, JUST SMILE..
Tpi jgn la smile mcm org tak betol kan?
Nanty apa pulak kata org .. hehe :)
And i won't be hurt anymore .
I wish you have a great day out there :)

Me+You=Ex Best Friend .
Good bye Friendship ,
good bye my love ,
I'll miss you a lot :')