Laughter is the best medicine

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Hello there, My friends are all awesome dude! Hence my name is Ain. Going to be 15 this 2013. Was born on 22nd October. I'm proud of being Malaysian and don't you dare say something bad to my wonderful country. I'm a song lover and that's a fact Get to know me first before you judge me okay? Thanks for understanding me. I don't have Precious thing but i Do have precious PERSON in my life. Sometimes i'll be crazy, sometimes i'll be naughty, But i'll always be kind to someone who always put a sweet smile on my face. I hate to be judged by people, even YOU right? Make me as your friend okay? And last, do follow me and i'll hit you back :D

I always be happy because they are beside me

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“I cure my broken heart with my lovely smile”

Happy New Year everyone. Have a blast
Saturday, 31 December 2011 || 9:04 pm

Good Bye 2011,
Welcome there 2012 ,

And yes, today is the last day of saturday in this year 2011 :')
There are many of memories that me, friends, family, teachers, and all of humans in this world left it in my mind .
Bad memories i'll have forget it for a long long time ago,
but sweet memories, i will always remember and it never be gone :')
I do love my friends, family, my teachers, petsis , petborther and all of humans that i ever know before ..

Even aku pernah jadi EVIL tapi hati aku baik tau . Rugilah kau tak kenal aku kenn? Haha perasan lelbih -.- Yelah, aku ni agak sensitif bila orang marah aku tak tentu hala, kadang-kadang Aku naik angin bila orang melenting dekat aku macam orang hilang ingatan, sakit hati tau, kitee tak salah, tunding jugak kesalahan kau tu dekat aku yaa? dah bagus sangatlah tuu 

I want to do the best in my life :) Saya nak jadi budakk yang baik . Saya nak menjadi budak yang mendengar kata, saya nak jadi budak yang CEMERLANG , and one thing, i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings :'D 100 percent aku nak berubah. Aku nak berubah kearah kebaikkan. Boleh kan? Dulu, aku selalu main time cikgu mengajar, tapi esok, aku nak focus apabila cikgu mengajar. Dulu, aku selalu ponteng class, ponteng sekolah -,- (teruknyaa) tapi esok, aku nak habiskan waktu aku dengan study. Tapi taklah sampai stress .. Dulu, aku selalu mengutuk cikgu, tapi esokk, aku nak nak dengar cakap cikgu. Dan dulu, aku selalu degil, tapi besok, aku nak jadi anak murid yang mendengar kata :'D

Aku nak jadi active in sports, academic, and what kinds of programs at school. Maybe next year, i'll be an librarian :D I'll help my beloved teacher, [Teacher Zailiza] Every Friday, I'll spend my time at library, i'll study there with my best friends . . . . And we'll make all of teacher proud of three of us. Insyaallah. And i'll promise to myself, i won't waste my time, like before :'D Time is like sward :D It never wait for us, 

fRIENDS,forgive me. Don't ever live me, i'll always need you beside me. No matter whats happen, i'll always need ya. you,her,and i, will always stick together in what kind of situation, Promise to me, we'll do the best in our life. And one thing, just smile when we face many problems :'D

Ain Munirah
Friends Never Break,
Aisyah Nur Syifaa Noor Azhar
Nurul Farah Hanim Abdul Hamid 

I love you guys :')